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Meet Gentleman Ninja, the most polite assassin to grace your phone.

Hit the right color at the right time to apologize through a mouth full of Earl Grey as you obliterate enemies and demolish obstructions in this high speed, endless Ninja action game.

Give challenges a jolly good seeing to and unlock new Ninjas before going on to prove yourself as the most spiffing adversary on the global leaderboards.


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Want to become more gentlemanly? Have a gleg at our merchandise and become the most spiffing human being you can. 

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The GentlemEn

Scott Moakes and Samuel Beattie met during a placement year in 2008 at jagex Ltd where a bromance of turner and hooch proportions blossomed.

After a few failed attempts at working on a game together during their early days in development (let's be fair, they had no idea what they were doing), it took 8 years of gaining industry experience, 5000 miles of separation and a undying mutual love to bring Gentleman Ninja into the world.

Developed Transatlantically (Dallas, TX and Leamington Spa, UK), Gentleman Ninja is a labor of love, showcasing sam and scott's desire to make games that focus on satisfying gameplay with the ability to not take itself too seriously. GN puts gameplay above all else, using any additional features and humor to further elevate the feel of the game while also keeping monetization transparent and fair to the player.

-the gentlemen ninjas